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Pecan Trail Intermediate

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Pecan Trail Intermediate

Mission and Goals

We believe the purpose of education is to develop productive citizens.

CSISD will…

  • Promote community engagement
  • Recognize the diverse perspectives of others
  • Demonstrate mutual respect for all
  • Ensure students are prepared for careers, college or the military

We believe educators and students can be lifelong learners, who are excited to engage in learning together.

CSISD will…

  • Facilitate self-directed, meaningful, real world learning experiences 
  • Motivate students to explore and discover challenging experiences
  • Nurture enthusiasm for learning

We believe relationships and communication are driving forces in education. 

CSISD will… 

  • Encourage and strengthen communication opportunities amongst families, learners, educators and community members
  • Provide professional learning and support to build positive relationships 

We believe critical thinking, real world problem-solving and engaged learning are crucial to learners’ success now and in the future. 

CSISD will…

  • Design opportunities for students to experience learning beyond the classroom
  • Foster student voice and ownership in learning
  • Provide professional learning and support for educators to ensure the development of critical thinking and engaged learning

We believe the skillful use of technology can enhance learning experiences.

CSISD will….

  • Provide equitable access to technology
  • Ensure technology is used to enrich educational experiences
  • Provide professional learning and support to educators and learners